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» For those lazy afternoons where the sun is streaming in through the glass, and you’re looking through the window, and all you can see is your entire life ahead of you. This is for those afternoons you kick your feet up only to get up to order another cup of coffee. This is a playlist for when you’re sitting one table away from someone beautiful and you absolutely cannot build up the nerve to say Hello, and so you’re listening to a playlist dreaming of a fantasy world where you could. This is a playlist for falling in love at a coffeeshop and out of it. This is a playlist for a sunny afternoon. This is a playlist that plucks on your heartstrings enough to convince you that you are okay, if only for those few isolated moments.

1. Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes // 2. Monsters - Angus Stone // 3. Sitting Waiting Wishing - Jack Johnson // 4. Wolves - Phosphorescent // 5. A Boy, A Girl, A Graveyard - Jeremy Messersmith // 6. Born - Over the Rhine // 7. Born and Raised - John Mayer // 8. Silver Coin - Angus and Julia Stone // 9. Ho Hey - Lennon and Maisy Stella // 10. 40 Day Dream - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes // 11. Let it Go - Fossil Collective // 12. I Got You - Jack Johnson // 13. Stubborn Love - The Lumineers // 14. Wolves - Fossil Collective // 15. Lost in my Mind - The Head and the Heart // 16. Changes - Stars // 17. Quelqu’un M’a Dit - Carla Bruni // 18. Such Great Heights - Iron Wine // 19. Big Jet Plane - Angus and Julia Stone // 20. Flume - Bon Iver // 21. Satellite Heart - Anya Marina // 22. Run - Daughter

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Hey everyone, it’s dirtbagps, don’t forget the like/reblog, it’s very important and bring more motivation ;) Thank You for choosing the dirtbag, Enjoy guys!

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Fire Gif Hunt


Under the cut is 33 semi faceless gifs of fire. None of them are mine, however if you see one that belongs to you and you would like credit or to have yours removed, feel free to message me.


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You may have to adjust some layers. Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. Like or Reblog if download.

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#445544 #aa8899 #dd8899 #dddddd #ccaacc

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  • Sidebar Image // Sidebar Background // Icon // Navigation Background
  • Many Custom Links // 2 JQuery Boxes // Popup Navigation // Jump Pagination
  • Background Image Stretch Option // Ask Background
  • Go to live preview to see image sizes.
  • Gradient found here.
  • Please do not redistribute/steal. Please like/reblog if using. Enjoy!

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 THEME 20 "Submissive" BY Themesbycelina  LP / Code 

Hello hello guys, this is my new theme called ‘Submissive’. It’s another version of the theme I use for my blog right now. (This version will be published soon!) Theme 20 has one 417x473px sidebar picture and 3 links. The background image will re-size automatically. It’s a pretty cute theme, so I hope you enjoy it! :)

The gradient I used can be found here!

Please don’t steal and/or claim as your own, okay?’ Message me if you want to publish an edited version of this theme or need any help!

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✩ Heezusofrp’s Halloween Gradient Pack: This Is Halloween 

Alright, so it’s October so it’s time to get spooky. Anyways, here are some gradients (seven to be exact) based off of horror movie villains. This gradients also come with a texture and pattern on them, but can easily be removed. You know the drill, show me some love with a reblog or like and don’t steal. Thank you. download

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Lizzy - Character PSD by taylorps

  • Dedicated to and inspired by Lizzy the Lizard.
  • Don’t steal, redistribute, claim as your own. Not cool, but very noticeable.
  • The gradient is mine, don’t steal.
  • Please please please like or reblog if you’re downloading or using this.
  • Fonts used are Lavanderia and Caviar Dreams
  • Circle images are 50x50, background is 500x300, and triangle is 200x200.
  • D O W N L O A D

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